March 7, 2020

Types of Metal Roofing

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The word “metal” refers to a wide range of materials, when it comes to roofing. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, zinc and alloys are all used for fabricating metal roofing. According to metal roofing Minneapolis expert roofers, each one has different properties that affect the durability, price, and appearance of the roof.

The most popular metal roof covers so far are metal tiles and metal sheets. These are followed by metal shingles, although they do not have the same versatility of the first two types.

Metal tiles

Metallic tile roofs are a great choice for those who look to perfectly combine their unique aesthetics with efficiency. They can be made of various materials such as steel, copper or aluminum. The most common is steel. It has special properties that, once transposed into the final product, increase strength and contribute to an impeccable appearance of the roof. Also, the flexibility of the metal allows the creation of complex roofs, and the many colors in which the metal tiles are available make this type of cover suitable for both modern and traditional homes.

Metal sheets

Another metal roof covering, appreciated for its strength, is made of metal sheets. It can be profiled up to minus 15 degrees Celsius and, when installed correctly, ensures flawless functionality. Another advantage of this type of cover is that it is suitable for any type of roof – with small slopes, to very high inclinations, and even vertical facades.


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