March 27, 2011

Your Roof – Repair or Replace?

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You’re at home and you just happen to look up at the ceiling and…what is that?  Is that a spot on the ceiling?  Do you have a water leak?  How bad is it?  What should you do?

The passage of time, as well as the changing of seasons, take their toll on a roof, and can result in a breach that lets water in.

One thing is for sure:  you don’t want to ignore the problem.  A leaky roof in Minnesota left untreated can wreak all sorts of havoc on your home, and the money you “save” by waiting will be spent later when you have to repair drywall, or even furniture.

Assuming you call in several roofing companies to get their opinions and estimates, you may get wildly different results.  One roofer may suggest a mere repair, while other roofers want to replace the whole thing, with substantially different estimates for the total costs of their work.  How do you know whom to trust?

First, let’s address the repair-or-replace question.  The most difficult part of a roof repair can be simply diagnosing the problem.  But a reputable Minnesota roofer will take the time to find the source of a minor leak, and should be able to repair it easily.  However, if your roof is at or near twenty years of age, you might consider this problem as the tip of the iceberg and replacement might be the more cost-effective option.  To replace the roof might be in order if:

Your shingles are curling

You have numerous missing or broken shingles

You have rotting or damaged shingles

There are spots of discoloration on your roof, which suggests moisture accumulation

You see sagging in your ceilings or in your attic

-You are considering selling your home, and other homes in the area have newer roofs

So, assuming you’ve decided to replace your roof, how do you choose a good company?

-Check with friends and neighbors.  Ask people you trust who’ve had recent roof work.

Were they satisfied with the company they used?  Did the company finish the job on time and within the estimate?  Was it a quality job, or did the company have to come back out?

-Check with the Better Business Bureau.  Look at roofing companies in your area to see if your neighbors have complained about them.  What did the complaints say?  Stinson Services is very proud of its track record of no BBB complaints to date!

Ask Questions. 

-It’s tempting to go with the roofer that gives the cheapest estimate, but it can cost you more in the long run.  Ask the roofer how long they’ve been in business and how many roofs they’ve replaced.  Ask about the expertise of their employees.  Ask for references.

What’s the Plan? 

-Ask how the prospective roofer plans to proceed.  Does he plan to remove the existing roof, or is the roofer going to put the new roof over the existing roof?  Either method has pros and cons, but putting a new roof on top of an old does not tend to last as long.

Once again if you’re looking for expert Roofing Companies in MN or Roofing in Minneapolis be sure to email us or check out our site.  We’ve been providing excellence service since 2003 and we’d be glad to help you find the right fit for you.

Written By Tech