October 29, 2019

Essential Tips for Taking Pictures of Your Roof During an Insurance Claim

Roof damage can lead to the need for some serious investments that you can’t usually pay on your own. If you have insurance, however, you don’t have to. The trick is that you’ll be forced to take photos of the damage, so you can present them as evidence to the insurance company later on. Here are a tips on how you can take your pictures as easily and risk-free as possible:

  1. Stay safe. Avoid taking unnecessary risks while taking pictures. If possible, use a drone to do it, or hire a drone service to take photos for you, in order to avoid having to get up on a wet roof and risk tripping and falling.
  2. If you absolutely have to get on the roof, make sure you get a sturdy ladder and harness. Place the ladder on dry, sturdy land and avoid muddy areas. Also, make sure the harness is secured to a stable part of the roof or building, that you are sure will not give in to the weight. If you’re not sure how to secure your harness properly, ask for advice from a roof repair Minneapolis contractor.
  3. The surest way is to call up a reputable roof repair Minneapolis contractor for advice. Get them to check your safety gear, and ask them if they might be willing to take the photos for you or even complete a full roofing inspection to give you a more in-depth report about the damages that have been sustained.

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Written By RCM