December 4, 2019

Home Insulation Can Help Your Roof and Energy Bills

Home insulation acts as a barrier against heat loss or overheating. It is especially suitable for walls and roofs, but also for ceilings, when the space under the roof is uninhabited and unheated. In this article we will present mainly the benefits of roof insulation.

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Insulation increases the degree of thermal efficiency, and as a consequence, it reduces the energy bills. The most popular wall insulation material is polystyrene. Insulation based on mineral wool or polyurethane foam is rarely used for walls. For the roof, things are slightly different, the most popular material being mineral wool, followed by cellulose, polyurethane foam and finally polystyrene.
During the winter, good insulation keeps the heat inside and prevents the penetration of vapors rising from the living spaces from causing critical amounts of moisture and its specific problems. In summer, insulation keeps the heat outside, making the use of air conditioning more efficient.
Home insulation increases the indoor comfort and helps you make annual saving of up to 25% of the total energy costs, and this is possible because, in winter, you will not need to heat your home as much as you used to before insulating, and in summer you will not need to use the air conditioning as much.
Knowledgeable roofing companies Minneapolis insulation contractors can take a look at your home and determine what steps can be taken to improve the energy efficiency of your home.


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