September 13, 2019

How To Identify Hail Damage On Your Home

roofing companies in Minneapolis can repair hail damageSome forms of hail damage is easier to detect, others are more insidious, but all of them need your attention and adequate repair or conservation methods. Here are some of the areas that are the most commonly affected:

  • Damage on your deck or patio – when hit by large hail, wooden landscape elements, such as the deck floor and your outdoor furniture can suffer cracks or they can get chipped. If you have metal components, such as railings, furnishing items or grills, look for dents and holes;
  • Damage on the roof – roof tiles can become cracked or chipped; the damage to asphalt shingles usually takes the form of ripped-off components or damaged surface, with areas where the weatherproofing surface granules are removed. Hail can also damage the gutters and the downspouts, causing support elements to become loose, sagging, clogging, dents, cracks or holes. In most cases, the damage can be detected only through detailed inspection performed on the rooftop, so make sure to wear suitable work protection equipment and to anchor yourself safely when climbing up to the roof; Better yet, rely on the expertise of roofing companies in Minneapolis to ensure your roof is inspected by those most qualified to detect and access the damage.
  • Damage to doors and windows – hailstones can break or crack the glass in your doors and windows and it can also damage the frames, causing dents and holes.
Written By RCM