September 20, 2012

Inspecting Your Home’s Roof

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Minnesota Home Roof Inspection – Before the Winter Season!

The fall season is coming forth with last minute home repairs and maintenance projects starting up to ensure your home is protected from the winter season ahead of us. Here at Stinson Services. we want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your home’s structure and the protection it offers before it’s too late to fix or repair.

Today we’ll provide you with some quick tips on inspecting your Minnesota roof for any leaks, damage, or possible signs of danger that may have come over time. A roof is the number one line of protection between your home and the weather so it’s important for it to be in proper working order before snow, ice, and rain are able to get at any weaknesses in your roof.



Quick Home Roof Inspecting Tips


Steps in Inspecting your Roof:

1. Inspect all objects that come out of your roof such as vents, electrical poles, and etc… to ensure that all flashings are laying flat and sealed water tight with a tar applicant.

2. Check out your chimney to make sure it’s water tight. Flashing should be laying flat, tar applicant sealing off the joints, and no organic vegetation should be growing around it.

3. Kill off all organic vegetation from your roof. Most common type of vegetation is moss, which should be killed off as soon as possible. (This isn’t hard to do, just need to purchase a substance from store to be spread across your roof.)

4.Clean organic materials such as leaves, sticks, and flowers off your roof to prevent moisture from building up and rotting away at the structure.


Other Helpful Tips for Inspecting your Roof:

– Check gutters and downspouts for blockage.

– Inspect all valleys for cracks and deterioration.

(Most asphalt shingles will lose their granules or start to curl when they are deteriorating. Check gutters for loose granules.)

For more information on roofing in Minnesota or other exterior remodeling projects, please feel free to contact Stinson Services call 952-933-4510.

Written By Thor Josefson