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Drone Roof Inspections Minneapolis MN

It’s difficult to detect damage to your roof after a storm from the ground. Completing an inspection on your roof can also be a safety concern, even for professionals. We utilize drone technology to capture detailed information on your roof after a storm. Our team of FAA Certified Drone Pilots use state of the art drones to inspect and detect storm damage.

Drone roof inspections provide a safer alternative to the traditional on roof inspection. Whether it’s a steep or complex roof design, our drone inspections provide accurate information.

Storm Damage Assessment Reports

After completing the drone roof inspection we conduct a storm damage assessment report. The aerial images capture by our drone are used to detect hail, wind and any other storm damage and provide accurate rooftop measurements.

We have streamlined our storm damage inspection process by utilizing our storm damage assessment reports. The report can be sent directly to the insurance company we have been able to eliminate the need for an insurance adjuster in some cases.

Storm Damage Assessment Report

Benefits of Drone Roof Inspections

  • We eliminate most of the risk of injury that physical roof inspections have. By utilizing drones for roof inspections, the risk of someone falling off the roof or ladder is greatly reduced.
  • Our drones can reach places we cannot when physically inspecting a roof providing us with in-depth information and imagery.
  • We are able to produce comprehensive storm damage reports for the property.