June 18, 2015

Stinson Services Inc. – New Logo!
Stinson Logo

Hey friends and family!

We made a change, and we think it’s for the better! What do you think? Our new logo is a simple design that is bold and strong. It shares a blend of creativeness and simplicity that we share as an exterior remodeling contractor.

Why the change?

First off, we made a change to our logo to better represent the skills and services that we provide to property owners. We also made the switch to improve our stance on the fine details and creative aspects of our home repairs, while providing property owners a very understandable solution to their projects.

We’re a forward thinking roofing company that specializes in top-of-the-house restoration that relate with roofing, gutters, and your attic system. We’re YOUR Roof & Attic System Specialists.

Stinson Services, Inc. has been in business since 2003 and has been growing every since. We’re very excited and happy that you’ve come along for the ride. We plan on being around the Twin Cities metro area for decades to come.

If your home is ever in need of roofing, siding, gutter, insulation or window repairs or replacement give us a call! We love to work with property owners looking for great service and expert knowledge.

Stinson Services, Inc. is a forward thinking roofing contractor looking to provide a special service on your home.

Gone with the old and in with the new

Here’s the new logo!

Stinson Logo

Here’s the old logo…

SSI - Old Logo


What do you think of our new yard signs?


New Yard Sign


Written By Thor Josefson