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  • There are three critical components to your roof and attic system

    • Roof & Attic Systems

      Roofing Service

      Using the proper materials for your roof/attic system will protect your home from Minnesota outdoor elements. (Rain, sleet, wind, snow, hail, & sun.)

      Then properly installing the correct underlayments and roofing components, and adding the appropriate number of intake and exhaust vents will safeguard your home from external elements.

      Our company is specialized in the roofing service process while also keeping your attic system in mind throughout the project.

    • Roof & Attic Systems

      Attic Insulation

      As certified BPI professionals, we know how important proper air sealing and insulation are for your property’s health. We also know that they help maintain a stable temp and reduce your heating and cooling bills.

      Air sealing bypasses in your attic decrease the amount of warm or moist air that leaks through cracks, while the Minneapolis insulation contractor reduces conductive heat flow in to your attic during the winter and prevents heat from entering your home during the summer.

    • Roof & Attic Systems

      Attic Ventilation

      Your roof/attic system governs the air movement in your attic. Fresh air enters through intake vents and removes hot/moist air through the exhaust vents.

      Having the proper air flow reduces heating bills in the warmer months, while the fresh air in the winter prevents frost from forming on your roof deck.

      Our consultants calculate net free area to determine and quantify the amount of intake and exhaust attic ventilation necessary for a healthy home.