July 15, 2019

Roof Safety Tips for Homeowners

safety tips from roofing companies in MinneapolisThe greatest danger for homeowners who are attempting to do DIY roofing operations is highlighted by statistics: almost half of work accidents are caused by falling from a height!

Is that a risk? No way.

Most homeowners who perform DIY roofing repairs instead of hiring a roofing specialist do it to save some money. But no amount of money justifies the risk of accidents with potentially catastrophic consequences.

This does not necessarily mean to never make any DIY roofing projects, but to attempt them only if you know what you are doing, have experience as well as adequate protection equipment.

In many cases, people climb on the roof a few times, solve some minor problems, see that nothing happened to them and start to think that nothing actually can happen to them. This kind of thinking is very dangerous, because anything can happen, anytime. If you feel at all unsure about a project, contact professional roofing companies in Minneapolis to preform these tasks.

How can you avoid an accident?

Working responsibly! Safety measures depend on the particularities of each roof and on the works you want to perform. The environmental conditions you work in also play an important role (for example, air currents can cause temporary local frost, resulting in a very slippery roof surface). Mainly, you need safe access on the roof, anti-slip shoes and a form of anti-fall protection.


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