March 13, 2019

Top Roofing Products for Minnesota Homes

The continental climate of Minnesota comes with hot summers and cold winters, with precipitation ranging from rain and snow to hail and with blizzards, hail storms and thunderstorms. These conditions are all very harsh on local roofs, requiring property owners to pay special attention when they choose the products to be used for the installation of their new roof. Here are some of the materials most suitable for roofing Minneapolis homes:

roofing in Minneapolis

  • Metal Roofing – the features that make modern metal roofing panels work so great for the region include durability against extreme weather events, low maintenance needs, low ownership costs and great thermal performance, as long as insulation of the right type and thickness is also used
  • Asphalt Shingles – this cheap, attractive and durable solution is also preferred for the easy installation. Asphalt shingles come in many different shapes and colors and they can be easily installed on top of the old roof without requiring the removal of the old layer
  • Clay and Concrete Tiles – these traditional, durable roofing materials are warranted for 50-100 years, they are easy to maintain and beautiful. Tile roofs are usually heavier than the roofs made from other materials, so they can be installed only on buildings that can support the excess weight.
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