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  • What Are Some Tips for Finding Roof Damage?

    Some types of roof damage, such as missing tiles or broken shingles, are visible to the naked eye even from the ground, other forms are hidden and visible only when you inspect the roof from close. Here are some tips from experienced roofing companies in Minneapolis about how to make sure you have detected all forms of damage sustained by your roof:

    tips for finding roof damage

    • Check the attic first – if there is a leak in your roof, the water that penetrates the roofing surface will first appear in your attic. Go up to the attic right after the rain has stopped and check the space for drops of water or for damp spots or patches – the leak is likely to be located right above the dampness;
    • Inspect the roof from the ground – look up on the roof through a pair of binoculars or without them to see whether there are missing, displaced or damaged components. Pay special attention to the ridge caps, the vents and the flashing;
    • Inspect the roof from up there – climb on a securely fixed ladder and perform a detailed inspection of the roof, paying special attention to the mentioned sensitive areas – the caps, the flashing and the vents are the most sensitive to damage.
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