November 21, 2019

Why it’s a Good Idea to Get the Snow Regularly Removed From Your Building

Snow, ice dams and icicles are a constant roof problem in winter. If you are a home owner, you certainly know the frustration and effort involved in the snow and ice cleaning activities on the roof (sometimes they must be performed every day, until it stops snowing). And yet this has to be done, otherwise worse things can happen.

roofing Minneapolis pros can help prevent ice damsFirst of all, snow accumulations can be too heavy for the roof’s resistance structure, even if they don’t seem to be, and make it break. In addition, freeze-thaw cycles cause snow that has not melted completely to turn into ice. Often, for this reason, ice dams form at the edge of the roof. According to roofing Minneapolis pros, ice dams are very dangerous because it will take them long to melt away, and in the meantime they will keep the water on the roof, which may infiltrate. Snow and ice can also obstruct the drainage system, in which case the water will no longer be safely evacuated and may affect the walls and foundation.

De-icing systems for the roof, with temperature and precipitation sensors, exempt you from the work of cleaning the snow, making winter seem like a nice and quiet season that does not raise too many problems. Apart from the investment costs, de-icing systems do not require major maintenance expenses; instead they will make your life more enjoyable and safer during the winter, contributing fully to your family’s comfort, reducing many other costs.



Written By RCM