Ice Dam Steam Removal


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Steam Ice Dam Removal

So here we are… a giant block of ice has formed somewhere on your property, most time high in the air or on a steep surface like your roof or gutter system. The good news is you have found the solution to your ice dam problem, say hello to STEAM!

Steam ice dam removal is the best option for your property for several reasons:

  • Steam is non destructive – your existing roof and gutter system will not be damaged when the proper steam equipment is utilized.
  • Steam is formed around 240 – 250 degrees Fahrenheit, there are many combining factors which impact this including humidity, elevation and outdoor temperature.
  • Steam melts faster than heated water.
  • Offers a chemical free solution to solving ice dam problems.
, Ice Dam Steam Removal

Arctic Steamer

The Arctic Steamer machine we utilize for our steam ice dam removal services is powered by Kerosene which heats the water to produce steam which is propelled at a low pressure which melts ice on asphalt roofing materials.

, Ice Dam Steam Removal
, Ice Dam Steam Removal
Pressure Washers on the other hand are not able to produce enough heat to create steam, instead they discharge water at high pressure which can cause damage to asphalt roof shingles including granule loss and even holes in the roofing shingles. This damage is not always immediately evident it is enhanced by the UV rays over time.
, Ice Dam Steam Removal
, Ice Dam Steam Removal

The Nozzle Matters On A Steamer

Trigger vs. Triggerless Steam Machines for ice dam removal in Minnesota that is the debate. This is a fairly simple explanation, the wand we utilize has no trigger, this allows steam flow coming out of the nozzle to melt ice as much as 20” away from the nozzle. Compare this with the tip of a pressure washer which only can produce heat for 1-2” away from the tip and it becomes clear why steam is supreme when it comes to ice dam removal.