February 7, 2024

Dealing with Hail Damage Denials: How Roofing Contractors Can Help

Homeowners often worry about hail damage, and insurance claims are crucial after a storm. It’s frustrating when claims get denied by insurance adjusters, leaving homeowners confused.

This guide explains how working with a roofing company can help. We’ll also highlight the importance of replacing hail damaged roofs and how homeowners can advocate for it.

Denied Hail Claim

The Importance of a Qualified Roofing Contractor

To understand how insurance adjusters decide, homeowners should first know the key role of a skilled roofing contractor. Here are important things to think about:

Expert Assessment for Hail Damage
Get a qualified roofing contractor to inspect your roof thoroughly. Their expertise is crucial for accurately figuring out how much damage there is and documenting it well. Having a skilled professional on your side makes your case stronger when dealing with insurance adjusters.

Agreement on Significant Storm Damage
It’s important that the roofing contractor agrees there’s serious storm damage. Their skills and detailed assessment can be strong proof when dealing with insurance claims. Make sure the contractor gives a detailed report with pictures and a thorough analysis of the observed damage.

The Role of Your Roofing Contractor in the Adjuster Meeting

A crucial part of the process that people often forget is having your roofing contractor at the insurance adjuster meeting. Here’s why it matters:

Expertise and Advocacy
A qualified roofing contractor brings expertise to the table, advocating for the homeowner by providing a professional perspective on the extent of the hail damage. Their presence reinforces the credibility of the damage assessment and can influence the adjuster’s decision.

Real-Time Clarifications
The roofing contractor can explain things right away and answer any questions or concerns from the insurance adjuster. This quick communication can fill in any gaps in understanding and make sure all important info is taken into account.

Advocating for Storm Damage Roof Replacement

In some cases, the extent of hail damage may require more than repairs—it may call for a complete roof replacement. Advocating for storm damage roof replacement involves strategic steps:

Transparent Communication
Talk clearly to the insurance adjuster about how bad the damage is and why a replacement is needed. A clear presentation, with help from your roofing contractor’s expertise, can highlight the need for a more complete solution.

Choosing Quality Materials
When replacement becomes the preferred option, work with your roofing contractor to choose high quality, durable materials. Emphasize the importance of investing in materials that provide long-term protection against hail and other environmental factors.

At Stinson Services, we believe homeowners should feel confident that their claims are handled fairly and their roofs are restored. By being informed, having proper documentation, and getting support from a trustworthy roofing contractor, homeowners can navigate the insurance process with confidence and make sure their homes stay protected.

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Written By Lauren