February 3, 2020

Flat Roof Winter Care

flat roof repair MinneapolisFlat roofs have their own particularities and require special care before and when the dreary winter weather hits.

Although a flat roof actually has a slight pitch that allows proper water drainage, it is not so effective in the case of heavy snow accumulation. If weather doesn`t change to allow complete melting, snow may stay on the roof for days, which is even worse if a part of it transforms into ice because of incomplete melting. In this case, it might affect the roof`s membrane, transforming small vulnerabilities into problems that may allow water leaks. Snow and ice can also block the drainage holes for days.

Sweep away the snow from your flat roof and do not allow heavy accumulations, because it will be more difficult to get rid of it. Just make sure to prevent any potential damage that may be caused by walking on the roof or using inappropriate tools that can damage the membrane.

Even if there is no snow during the winter, you should still make sure that your roof is clear of debris that may encourage water pooling, and the drainage is fully functional.

Winter care for flat roofs can be performed by building owners, but it is recommended to contact a licensed commercial flat roof repair Minneapolis roofer, to prevent any potential problem or accident that may affect your security or void your insurance.


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