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  • The Lodge @ Giants Ridge

    Stinson Services has been selected by The Lodge for a full roof replacement project. The existing materials will be completely removed and new Owens Corning Duration asphalt shingles will be installed. This project includes over 4000sf of roofing, work will be initiated in the middle of October and take approximately 3 weeks to complete. During this project we will be providing updates on progress. biwabik-mn-roofing

    Progress Report 10/12/16

    The weather has been cooperating well, we are working on finishing up the rear elevation today and are initiating work on the front elevation close to the pro shop. Below are some progress photographs of the project, many thanks to all the lodge staff for making our stay comfortable and accommodating to our needs. Weather permitting we should complete the upper roof section on Friday. The inspector from the City of Biwabik has been out to take a look at the progress so far. The roof deck (plywood) has been in great shape with the exception of the Southeast corner and the area above the mechanicals on the Northwest corner.






    Completed Project


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