October 8, 2019

Parts of Your Roof That Most Commonly Need Repair

Stinson Roofing Services

Roof systems are strong and durable structures all over, but even so, there are some areas that are more exposed to the elements and therefore more sensitive and more prone to damage as well. Here are some of the problem areas that might need more attention:

  • The roof fascia – the band underneath the roof edge and running along the roof line is usually made from wooden boards or sheet metal and it plays the role of creating a smooth appearance as well as that of protecting the roof edge and the indoor space from the elements, especially from water. The most common form of damage in the area is water damage, so check the fascia regularly for rot and rust;
  • The flashings – these stripes installed around roof openings, such as skylights and chimneys, play the role of weatherproofing the areas where the integrity of the roof has been disrupted. The most common faults include water damage, such as rust and rot and mechanical damage, such as cracks, holes and dents;
  • The gutters – usually made from metal, gutters can be damaged by water, they can get clogged with airborne debris, they can become loose or they can start sagging, the two latter forms of damage being most often caused by the weakening of the supporting fixtures.

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Written By RCM