June 25, 2016

Roof Hail Damage? 4 Tips For Homeowners

Roof Hail Damage? 4 Tips for Homeowners

The storm has come and gone. Your home seems to have hail damage and it feels like hundreds of strangers have approached you or someone at your home about getting a free roof.


First: Did you check with family and friends?

Do your friends or family know of anyone in the roofing industry that can help solve your problem?

Roof Hail Damage

If so, this is typically the safest route in hiring a roofing contractor to install a new roof. Find out details about the contractor asking your trusted advisers (aka friends/family) how they handled the project and what they liked about the company. (If you don’t get any leads this way we have some other ideas below.)

Second: Are they professionals?

Have they worked with insurance adjusters before?

Roof Hail Damage MN 4 Tips


The Hail Damage Restoration game is fickle and should be completed by professionals with experience. Why? It’s more than installing a roof.

We always say –

“A roofer may be able to fix your roof, but will they be able to handle the insurance company for you?”

So you have roof hail damage? Nearly anyone can roof a house, but not everyone understands how insurance claims work, so find a professional storm damage restoration contractor that can walk you through this process.


Third: Are they from your area?

Are you getting a lot of door knockers?

Roof Hail Damage 4 Tips For Homeowner


Another big problem with a hail storm in your area is the buzz they create, and by BUZZ I mean a lightening rod for every contractor in the nation and then some to come to your street. “Beware of Storm Chasers!” is a common phrased used with local roofing contractors and it’s true.

Storm chasers know the game very well and understand how insurance works. But here are their problems.

– They may not be licensed in the state of Minnesota.

– They may not be around if you have problems with the roof or other facets of the home in the future.

– They may not be back to your project if you pay them money upfront.

The above items are worse case scenarios but happen every season in our beloved world. So be careful and don’t sign any contracts without performing research on the company and checking their business license.


Fourth: Search on Google – Any Good Reviews?

What do your peers think of the company?
The world is relying more and more on its peers. The internet is becoming a great option to find a local roofing contractor in your area that is highly rated. Use Google search to find a “local roofing contractor”.
Do your research and investigate their site. Do they seem credible? Do they have a local address? Read their company page and see what they say.

Roof Hail Damage MN - Tips for Homeowners

Roof Hail Damage Extra Tips

These are basic tips for roof hail damage and finding a contractor you can get along with throughout the project and the life span of the roofing system. Your goal in finding a reliable contractor reminds me of finding a trusted auto mechanic. They’re hard to find but great when you find one. So make sure you take a little time when picking your roofing contractor and ask questions. You’ll be glad you did!

Written By Thor Josefson