September 18, 2018

That tap, tap, taping on your roof may be hail! 

roof may be hail


Monday’s, September 17, 2018, storm was a doozy, with high winds, tons of rain and in some places hail. Was your home hit by hail?

Check your shingles to see if granules are missing. You may also find granules in your gutters as well. Next, check for any circular cracks on your shingles. These may be half circular or full circular cracks. These cracks are created by high winds which allow water to seep through your shingles to the under layers of your roof. Roofs are not just rows of stacked compromised of shingles; there is also metal flashing. Flashing is the metal transitional material that is used on your roof around external structures and valleys on your roof. This is installed to insure no water is able to travel into your attic system . Enough dents in your metal flashing can compromise its integrity and the ability to do its job.

Did you know that more than hail can damage your home? Wind can wreak havoc too. It can loosen shingles and in some cases they can become swept away because of wind. This allows water to enter, wetting your insulation, foundation or your under lament.

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Written By RCM