October 10, 2013

Roofing Insurance Claims: FAQ
MN Roof Insurance Claims

Q & A – Roofing Insurance Claims

1. What is the typical avenue for an insurance company when determining hail damage?

The insurance company will look for two facets when determining if your roof has been damaged by a hail storm.

a. Was the damage to the home enough to declare it a total loss? (Typically a 10’x10’ area will need 10 verified hits)
b. What is the size of the roof and how many shingles are needed to replace it?

2. Why is my money being held back by the insurance company?

Insurance companies have been burnt in the past by homeowners that pocket the money and don’t get their home fixed. Most insurance companies require a licensed contractor to sign off on the project before releasing all of the money.

3. What if my insurance adjuster missed my hail damage on their first inspection?

Insurance adjusters are human too. They don’t always find hail damage when it’s there. The safest way to ensure your home is inspected properly is by having a licensed roofing contractor inspect the property beforehand. Some adjusters miss hail damage because they are inexperience, in a rush from a busy day, review the wrong area, or just plain miss it. You’ll want to contact a MN roofing contractor with experience to make sure your home is getting the right attention. (We offer FREE Storm Damage Inspections – All Year Round)

4. So the adjuster says “no damage”, what now?

Again, it’s possible that the insurance adjuster missed your damage. You are entitled to have one re-inspection from the same firm. You’re also allowed to have a licensed contractor present to help inspect the home.

5. Do I need to get multiple estimates?

No, your insurance company has their own price list and will only pay the amount linked to the confirmed repairs. In most cases, you’ll only pay the deductible, so it’s impossible to overpay.

6. Will more insurance company pay for extras required to finish my job?

Yes & No, Insurance companies tend to only payout the initial amount recorded from the first claim. However, if proof is supplied by your roofing contractor that certain items were left off the first claim and required for your project there is a chance they’ll reimburse you the extra money.

Our Local MN Roofing Company

Stinson Services, Inc. is a licensed & certified contractor located near Edina, MN. We specialize in storm and hail damage inspections & repairs. We’ll help you deal with your insurance company and ensure that you receive the best treatment available with the least amount of hassle. We’ve been in business for more than 10 years & continue to win people over with our professional service and exceptional work.

Written By Thor Josefson