September 21, 2010

St. Paul, MN Hail Damage Repairs

St. Paul, Minnesota was hit by 1-1/2″ hail on September 20, 2010. The hail storm damaged trees, power poles, cars and homes in several St. Paul, MN neighborhoods. The Highland Park, St. Paul neighborhood experienced power outages as a result of this powerful wind and hail storm. Mahtomedi, New Hope and Richfield Minnesota homeowners also suffered from power outages relating to this storm. Several cars and windows were damaged by hail that reached a maximum size of 2 inches.

2010 Hail Storm St. Paul MinnesotaThis hail storm came at an unusual time of year. Minneapolis, St. Paul typically is hit by powerful hail and wind storm several times a year, but this storm came unusually late. In addition to hail, the storm dumped a significant amount of rain on the east metro. The combination of strong winds, hail and rain lead to 95 seperate power outage reports being filed with Exel Energy. As of late Tuesday, September 21 there are still over 900 properties that are without power.

Storm damage from this September St. Paul hailstorm caused hail damage to  roofing, siding, gutters and windows. It is important that property owners have their properties inspected by trained hail damage inspectors. In addition property owners should document the hail damage to trees, cars and other items that were damaged during this storm. This information is valuable when filing an insurance claim for hail damage to your property. Homeowners should also keep track of any receipts for temporary hail damage repairs and debris cleanup so that they will be properly reimbursed for their time and expenses. Stinson Services offers FREE Hail Damage Inspections for St. Paul, Mahtomedi, Richfield and New Hope property owners, schedule yours today!

Written By Tech