April 18, 2020

Taking a Closer Look at the Major Signs of Roofing Hail Damage

highly regarded Stinson Minneapolis roofers repair hail damaged roofsHail damage is one of the most destructive risks that homeowners face when considering the long term structural resilience of their roofing systems. If you’re looking at hail damage, you will almost immediately notice that an older roof will not withstand much of it. If your roof is nearing the end of its life, it stands to reason that you should be very careful about how you approach the damage inflicted by a hail storm and how often you even check for damage.

Even in the case of stronger and newer roofs, however, the signs of damage can be quite clear. Bruising, missing granules and cracking, as well as entirely missing shingles and dents in some types of roofs (such as metal ones) are some of the main signs you should be looking for. Also, you’ll find that metallic flashing can really take a hard hit when faced with a hailstorm, and you should also pay somewhat attention to the chimney and gutter system.

If the damage is extensive or if your roof is older, it’s important to talk to your highly regarded Stinson Minneapolis roofers and inquire whether repairing it would even make sense. Sometimes, when your old roof is too damaged and worn out, replacing it can be a better idea, even if you have to do it before its normal lifespan is exhausted.

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