September 6, 2019

Tips for Locating a Leak on a Flat Roof

Locating a leak on any roof can be challenging, flat constructions being very special in this respect as well. While in the case of sloping roofs, the only direction that water can take is downward, in the case of flat roofs, water can go into any direction, causing damp patches to appear in areas that are not even close to the source of the leak.

flat roofing Minneapolis experts can repair leaky roofsThe only way to find the leak on your flat roof is through detailed inspection, so here are some of the things that you should know when attempting leak detection:

  • Check the sensitive areas – the areas around the flashing installed around roof openings, the seams (if you have any) and the sides of the roof, where the roofing material meets the wall are areas that are prone to developing leaks, so have flat roofing Minneapolis experts start the check with these parts;
  • Check for signs on the surface – any deterioration of the surface, even the slightest, including buckling, alligatoring, holes, cracks and missing material can let water seep through. If you locate such a sign right above the dampness on your ceiling, you have probably found the leak on your roof. Even so, you should check the entire roof – leak prevention essentially means that you find the faults before the water does.
Written By RCM