April 5, 2023

TPO Flat Roofing Systems and Their Benefits

Everything You Need to Know About TPO Flat Roofing Systems and Their Benefits

TPO Flat Roof

What is a TPO flat roof system?

A TPO flat roof is a type of membrane roofing that is used on commercial buildings. TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. It is a single-ply roofing system made up of synthetic rubber material. This material has been designed to resist extreme weather conditions, such as high winds and hail, while also providing excellent insulation.

What are the benefits of a TPO roofing system?

Cost-effective: TPO roofing system is a cost-effective solution for commercial flat roofs. It is a membrane roofing system made of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) which provides superior protection against the elements. The membrane is highly reflective, making it energy efficient and reducing energy costs. It also has excellent resistance to UV radiation, making it ideal for use in extreme climates.

Durability: TPO has excellent puncture and tear resistance, making it perfect for use on commercial flat roofs that are prone to foot traffic or other potential damage. It is highly resistant to damage from UV, hail, and wind.

Energy Efficiency: The reflective properties of TPO roofs help reduce energy costs by reflecting sunlight away from buildings during hot summer months.
Overall, installing a TPO flat roof system can provide many benefits for commercial buildings such as protection from changing weather conditions and improved energy efficiency. With Stinson Services you can ensure that your building receives the best possible protection for years to come.

TPO Roofing System
Written By Lauren