June 28, 2017

Up-Cycling Gutters
up-cycling gutters


Up-Cycling Gutters in Minnesota


It is always nice to have some clever ideas to up-cycle old items. You can always make something beautiful with up-cycling old items. Plastic and aluminum gutters are easy to modify with basic tools and their U-shaped designs lends itself to a host of unique possibilities. Up-cycling gutters is today’s project of the day.


At Stinson Services, we are not only the best in class when we make and install gutters but we are unique in that we recycle all of our aluminum and steel gutters. We have been at the forefront of the recycling movement in construction. Stinson Services has always recycled their aluminum and steel gutters. Even our asphalt shingles get recycled. We recycle all our used gutters at Express Metals of Hopkins, MN.  


On a Saturday afternoon, Heidi Stinson was struck with creativity and imagination when she took a tired, old gutter and transformed it into a beautiful flower planter. Heidi took 12 feet of old commercial gutter. She used an old commercial gutter because of its distinctive color, red, but this project will work with any gutter. She thoroughly washed the gutter with dish soap to start with a clean pallet. Next, she drilled holes in the planter for proper drainage. Then she arranged the empty planter on 5 CMU, concrete masonry unit, blocks. Next, she picked and planted an assortment of bright shade safe flowers for the planter from a local farmer. Lastly, she gave the flowers a good watering. The end result was a unique flower planter that is beaming with color.


Check out Stinson Services for all of your gutter needs, 952-933-4510, or www.stinsonservices.com.  

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