March 18, 2014

Vinyl Certified Siding Installers
Vinyl Certified Siding Installers


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Vinyl siding is a very common and very popular exterior housing material in the U.S. It is a durable, well-insulated, and attractive material, which are just a few reasons why it is so popular. The purchase of materials and installation isn’t an easy task and can be tricky if uneducated on the project.  Luckily, installing vinyl siding is fairly easy, and a VSI certified siding contractor can help select the correct product for your home and make sure it’s installed properly to code.

While installing vinyl siding can be done easily and requires only a few tools and materials, there are some important things home owners need to know:

Temperature changes. If you are installing vinyl siding in a climate that fluctuates from hot to cold temperatures at various points of the year, then this information is crucial. Vinyl expands significantly during temperature changes. Therefore, it’s important to take note that when installing vinyl siding to cut the siding pieces shorter and to nail them loosely. This will allow room for the pieces to expand and settle when and where needed, without cracking or damaging over time.

Flat surfaces. Installing vinyl siding over flat surfaces is also important. Flatter surfaces on newer homes shouldn’t be much of a concern as older homes. Since older homes shift and settle over time, this causes bumpy areas. So if you are installing vinyl siding on an older home, then you will most likely need to line the exterior walls with rigid-foam board. This will ensure that the siding is installed and fastened correctly and will also ensure proper insulation.

Tools and materials. As mentioned above, installing vinyl siding only requires a minimum amount of tools. Tools can include a hammer, shingle nails, a circular saw with a plywood blade, tape measure, snips, and a knife. Vinyl siding parts typically include 12-foot siding panels in length, door and window trim, J-channels, utility channels, corner moldings, and metal strips. This, of course, also depends on the style of vinyl siding that a home owner chooses to install.


All in all, installing vinyl siding is popular, efficient, and attractive exterior housing material. And while it is fairly easy, there are some considerations to be on the lookout for. Complications and challenges are always evident in a home remodeling project, and especially with an older home.  A VSI-certified siding contractor Minneapolis can advise you on the correct products for your home and ensure that your vinyl siding is properly installed.

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Written By Thor Josefson