June 9, 2016

Watertown Hail Storm June 9 2016 – Minnesota Hail Storm

Watertown Hail June 8Watertown Hail Storm June 8

The morning of June 9 2016 the city of Watertown MN was struck by a hail storm that brought hail the size of tennis balls. This type of hail can bring severe damage to anything it contacts and cause major damage to homes, vehicles and other investments that are outdoors.

The Watertown hail storm lasted approximately 5 minutes long and affected nearly 500 homes in the area. Hail stones the size of tennis balls are capable of causing instant damage to your roofing system, windows, and siding.

You’ll want to be sure to check our finding hail damage around your home before getting up on a ladder. Another option is to call 952-933-4510 and we’ll send a hail damage inspector out to your home to inspect it for you for free!

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Watertown Hail Damage


What can a hail storm actually damage?

1. Hail can damage your windows by either denting or bending your metal or plastic window frame. It can also be strong enough to crack the pane of glass.

2. Hail storms can easily crack or dent your siding material depending on the product. Hail the size of tennis balls will easily impair a vinyl siding or aluminum siding material with enough velocity behind it.

3. Hail stones are dense enough to make small dents on top of your roofing system. These dents and bruises actually affect the lifetime of your shingle and can decrease its life span by up to 10 years depending on the amount of damage.

Minneapolis Hail Damaged Roof


Do you have hail damage?

The best place to start looking is the ground. Here is our blog on finding signs hail damage from the ground – 4 Places to Look for Hail Damage!

However, if you unsure or would like a professional to inspect your property we’d be more than happy to meet you at your property for a free inspection. Either call our office at 952.933.4510 to set up an inspection or sign up online!

Written By Thor Josefson