November 13, 2012

Winterize Your Home: Spray Foam Insulation

Solve Energy Waste With Spray Foam Insulation

This time of year homeowners have one thing on their minds: how to keep their homes warm during the cooler months, which are quickly approaching. With heating and cooling costs on the rise, homeowners are contemplating the best way to keep their home’s temperature controlled, while still being cost effective. One of the ways to take advantage is spray foam insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation

Here are some ways to winterize your home by taking advantage of spray foam insulation:


Insulate attics and crawl spaces – Insulating attics or any gaps between the foundation and your living areas by using spray foam insulation can vastly reduce energy costs.  Some Minnesota homes have seen up to 25% savings in the summer and up to 50% savings during the winter with an improved attic.

Insulate around windows and doors – Spray foam insulation can also be used to insulate around windows and doors. However, be sure to find a spray insulation that can be used for windows and doors. Using one that isn’t meant for these purposes can cause windows and doors to stick. This is because the insulation expands making it difficult to open & close windows and doors.

Save on heating costs – As briefly mentioned above, taking advantage of spray foam insulation is a “greener” and more effective way of winterizing your home and reducing your energy bills. Many homes still contain hazardous and outdated insulation. For homeowners who are looking to upgrade the insulation in their homes and becoming more energy efficient, consider spray foam insulation before the winter this year.

Use closed cell spray insulation – Closed cell foam insulation covers a lot of surface area when applied. It is strong, stable, and is great for keeping moisture out and preventing mold growth. While closed cell spray foam insulation are typically more expensive, these types of foam insulators last longer, provide more stability, and are great for winterizing your home.

Types of Spray Foam Insulation

There are various types of spray foam insulation that homeowners can purchase at a home improvement store. There are even “do-it-yourself” kits available online. While many home insulation projects are done by homeowners, spray foam insulation is best applied by a professional contractor, especially if you are looking to insulate an attic or crawl space. You should consider contacting a Minneapolis insulation contractor for additional information on spray foam insulation.

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Written By Thor Josefson