April 3, 2014

Seamless Gutters | Free Gutter Protection

Minneapolis Gutter Protection

Protect your home by protecting your new gutters!

Stinson Services is offering homeowners free gutter protection on all gutter projects during the month of April. You’ll save money and time by protecting your seamless gutters.

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Why are gutters important?

Gutters help control the flow of water from your roof to the ground. They prevent rain damage to the exterior of your home and erosion around your home.

Aluminum Seamless Gutters

We install aluminum seamless gutters because they are the best for our Minnesota weather. Aluminum gutters are sturdy, don’t rust, and look great on your home.

E-Z Lock Small Hole Protection System

One of the most versatile gutter screens on the market. The tighter mesh prevents smaller debris from getting into your new gutters.  These gutter screens are quick and easy to remove without disturbing your shingles.

Preventing Ice Dams

Gutters can be the root of ice dams. Why? As water melts during the day, it can settle in your gutter and freeze overnight. A continued cycle of melting and freezing can build up and cause ice to move up your roof and potentially underneath your shingles. All the ice built up under your shingles will melt during spring and cause potential problems inside your home. You can mitigate severe damage by installing heat cables and removing snow from your roof during the winter. Heat cables prevent water from freezing in your gutter and starting the thaw/freeze cycle. Should only need to install in the trouble areas of your home.


Written By Thor Josefson